Thursday, April 12, 2012

Six Months With Sammy!

Sammy!  Wow, you are half way to one, half a year old, 6 months!  How can it be?  The past six months have been the best six months of my life.  They have been physically and emotionally hard, but they have been wonderful.  The saying the nights are long and the days are short couldn't be any truer.  I find myself lost trying to remember what happened in the past month.  I also am just trying to fathom just how it is possible that you are so big now.  My little baby is now an infant.  Your personality is coming across quite clearly.  You are a charmer.  You use your smile as a mighty fine tool and I have a feeling you'll be doing that your whole life.  It is nice to see how pleasant you are and if it's possible to call a 6 month old diplomatic, you certainly are!
You continue to love Bailey and I love that since he helps me entertain  you.

This month was really fun (during the day at least)!  You are giggling all the time.  At Bailey, the cats, Daddy, even me!  You think it's funny when I pretend sneeze.  I don't think you'll find that funny in a year.  We shall see!  You also were a busy little bee.  You went to a bunch of parties.  You find rolling to be quite the fun game.  You only did it twice last month and then one day this month, you did it over and over and over again.  I'm still waiting for you to go back to belly, but in time you will.  Every adult I know can do it, so I'm not worried.  You seem to enjoy sitting up on your own and taking steps much more fun anyways. 

Here you are taking your first steps

The weather was incredible.  We got out and had our first picnic under the cherry trees by the government center.  You, me, Daddy and Bailey had a blast. 

You got to hang around with some bare toes and shorts which was really cool!

 You double fisted on the patio!
 You can sit up now like a big boy!

 You've also started to take walks like a big boy without a car seat.  It's quite cute and you seem like you are soaking in everything around you.

You went out to eat with us and I had the best most long awaited margarita ever!

You are the perfect edition to our spring tulip and clearance pansy garden

 You celebrated your first easter, which was so much fun.

I didn't take you to see the easter bunny (next year I will) but I did take you to have a few pictures taken, thanks to an awesome $16 groupon.  You are quite cute if I don't say so myself!

My sweet baby Sammy.  You are so incredibly loved.  I love you, I love you morning noon and night!

Your favorite toy this month is this vetch move and crawl ball.  It is really helping you when you sit up.

You also keep enjoying sophie the giraffe and your jumperoo.

I think you are sort of over your activity mat!