Thursday, September 23, 2010

End of Summer Recap Pt 2 Labor Day!

Labor Day was AWESOME this year.  We got to go out of town to my sister's brand new to her lake house in Guilford CT.  First of all it was fun to get to hangout with my sister whom I never see two weekends in a row, but secondly her house was BEAUTIFUL.  I mean, if you looked up beautiful in the dictionary you would find her house.  The first pic is of Bailey, he was SO happy because he originally thought we were leaving him and then realized he was coming too!  I love my doggie, especially when he smiles this huge smile as seen below.

 After Paul, Bailey and I soaked up the beauty of her house, my sister wanted to show me around the town.  Somehow this started with a pit stop in Walmart for some food and supplies, but that's cool.  We actually found these really cute shirts!  The first one I found was perfect for her.  It was this little red tshirt with some writing that said "Trust me I'm a Dr." then a label of Dr. Pepper on the bottom.  Nothing could have been more perfect for my "20 year old looking" sister who is a Dr., but who manages to get carded more than me more often then I'd like to mention.  We then walked around the Guilford Green which has all these cute mom and pop artsy type shops, went to bishops orchard where I had my first honey crisp apple of the season.  If you haven't tried a honey crisp apple get on it!!  We also happened to be in town for the taste of Guilford, I was honestly more psyched for this than I should have been.  Taste of Reston was much better.  Taste of Guilford was kind of expensive for not a lot of food.   

The best part of the weekend was just relaxing with the fam and watching Bailey hang out with his cousin dogs Sam and Pasha.  I can't wait until my sister and I to both have kids and we can watch them run around with our dogs in this beautiful new house.  What a wonderful dream fulfilled.  Here are some pics from the weekend.  Bailey even got to go kayaking and canoeing!


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