Friday, September 6, 2013

2013 Spring and Summer Flowers

Seasonably appropiate and fashionably late post as always.  At least I'm dependable. 

Fresh Cut Flowers from whole foods fair lakes.  Freshest and cheapest I can find in the area.  This is a $10 bouquet 
I love, love, love, love flowers!  They make me so happy.  I've posted a few times about my love for gardening see here and here.  This years flowers made me even happier because they were planted after the coldest dreariest winter ever.  They were also cheap!  For the Front, Back Deck and Patio we purchased all clearance flowers from lowes and then the $4 for $10 white buckets from home depot that I split up into containers. 

The flowers below in my favorite christmas tree shop planters were the first I planted in late March and were purchased at Merrifield Gardens using a 50% off Groupon.  Since it was so cold out, the plants that were for sale were cool weather flowers which meant that while they were an awesome first pop of color right outside our kitchen, a lot of the blooms don't look so great now that it is September. 
This is what the flowers look like now in late summer

We always buy a bag of bulbs in the fall from costco.  Each spring, they are always such an awesome surprise in the front of the house.  Putting this post together 5 months later just amazes me.  I can't believe how much Sammy has changed!  Also, I had a baby girl  in my belly girl in who is now happily sleeping next to me!  

These are the $4 for $10 plants from home depot.  They are a great buy and great for containers.  I planted all these into 8 baskets and containers.

Here are the clearance flowers from lowes in the front as well as a shot of our crepe myrtle.

Lowes clearance flowers on back deck.  I love the hanging vines.  The limey color is so vibrant and the way it falls off the container makes me think of green dread lock plant hair.

Hope you enjoyed the last pop of summer color from our outdoor spaces we love. 


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