Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tiny Prints Christmas Card Time!

Incredible that we are already at the 2013 Christmas Season.  Last year at this time if told me I'd have a 4 month old for Christmas I would have laughed.  So blessed the joke is on me!

Last night before bed I stepped outside to take Bailey for a walk and was caught off guard by the beauty and smell of the crisp fall air.  I could smell the clean non humid air, the stars for the first time I can remember in our neighborhood were breathtaking (we live in a very well lit area) and you could just smell the leaves having reached their peak.  Never mind that I could see my breath and that Bailey was taking his sweet time, I was soaking up the change of the season.

Tonight when I made my great escape during Lexi and Sammy's nap I fled to target and was of course drawn into yet another sign that Christmas is near.  I was so excited to add Lexi to the tradition I started in 2011 of buying Sammy a child friendly ornament each year.  This came in handy last year when Sammy was able to pull at the ornaments at the bottom of the tree.  Hopefully this year Sammy listens a little better and our tree won't end up having to look like a backwards mullet of ornaments.

Another tradition to continue as we head into the Christmas Season is picking out our Christmas card.  Oh how our Christmas cards have changed over the last 10 Christmas' we have been married.  From boxed cards to photo cards of the cats, to the cats and Bailey, then Sammy and now Lexi and Sammy.  Now we have kids (emphasis on the plural) to spread joy through cards this Christmas.  How blessed are we!

I talked a little bit about how I was already perusing Tiny Prints Christmas cards when I ordered Lexi's birth announcements a few months ago.  Here are my favs for this year.  Will you be surprised by my choice in a few short weeks when they are delievered to your door? 

What will you chose this year?


I hope as you start celebrating this Christmas, you get a chance to hop over to the Tiny Prints website and see all the cute cards they have to offer again this year. 


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