Sunday, November 21, 2010

Daily Deal Emails

I'm not sure yet where my verdict stands on the daily deal emails.  When there is something I like for a location I can get to I'm satisfied all other times the spam in my email irritates me.  Groupon is still my all time favorite.  I've had some awesome deals from Groupon.

Todays Groupon is especially awesome, $50 gc to the nordstrom rack for $25.

Nordstrom Rack is conveniently located within walking distance to my house.  Remember when they first opened and my sister and I went?

I can't wait, maybe I'll get some new shoes, or some new lingerie, or some nice ties for Paul oh the possibilities!

In the past my favorite purchases have been:
  • Unlimited Bootcamp for 1 month through Custom Fitness Concepts with Tom Kalka for $45.  
    • Ultimately because of the amount of customers gained from groupon Tom ended up dropping the price of his bootcamp so now Paul and I go 8x per month for $52.  This boot camp is amazing and highly recommended if you are looking to finally get back in shape.  Thank you Groupon, if it weren't for you I'd still be wondering if I could run for more than 20 minutes straight.
  • The Grooming Lounge: $25 for $50
    • Awesome birthday present for Paul.  He went and had an awesome and affordable massage.
  • Barks and Bubbles: $40 dog wash for $10
    • This might be tied with bootcamp as my fav purchase.  Bailey had some amazing baths and blueberry facials at a price that so made it worth not having to clean the bathroom after he takes a shower.  Literally he showers, then he shakes then there is hair EVERYWHERE.  I was happy for him to do this shaking in a store just for wet dog shaking!
  • $5 Rotisserie Chicken from Chicken Out.  That was pretty awesome!  They sold something like 10k chickens!  Poor chickens, made me feel pretty bad and definitely wished I hadn't seen Food Inc b/c that was what was running through my mind when I saw that!
  • $7 off of $15 at Big Buns in Arlington.  Awesome Awesome burgers.  I split this groupon with my friend and coworker Melanie and we had a great lunch for $3.  It would have been funny if this groupon had been offered the same day as the bootcamp groupon!


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