Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thanks USAA, Glad You've Got My Back!

So I get this flyer in the mail yesterday from USAA.  I didn't really need the reminder that I'm getting older.  Just that morning I'd already found another gray hair on my head.  I'm really wondering who the genius is in the USAA marketing department that came up with this fantastic mailer.  I'm thinking it was probably either a 22 year old college hire or a 60 old exec who thinks its funny to mock those in their late 20's.  The only benefit to this pamphlet is the cute guy with his cute son, however I'm hoping it isn't another reminder that by 28, I should have a cute 2 year old, or have started a family as stated in the inside portion...

I think the pictures speak for themselves. 

The only Disclaimer is that USAA is truly an awesome company which I'm privledged to be a part of because of my Father in law's military service. 



The Vazquez Family said...

Ohh..I'm sorry for giggling! That's hilarious, but USAA is AWESOME :)

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