Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Loving my Yard Sale Finds

This is a post a meant to finish a few weeks ago, but I just now got around to getting some pics downladed

As fall sets in, yard sale season wraps up for the year in the DC area.  I used to go to yard sales all the time with my Mom when I was a kid.  I loved it, loved the bargaining and the bargains!  Until this summer it had been a really long time since I hit up any good yard sales.  Somehow though the yard sale gods were with me this summer.

It started with the mammoth of all yard sales in our neighborhood at the end of August.  Remember the $2 cashmere sweater my sister and I missed by a millisecond, and the carful of slightly used baby paraphernalia for Paul's expectant sister and the cute little bird house I originally bought for Paul's Mom that I kept for myself (haha). 

Following the neighborhood yardsale, my neighbor was so cool.  She didn't end up selling her brand new Lucky Jeans, so she brought them to my house and GAVE me her $80 brand new jeans!  I love simple acts of kindness and repayed her by a very anonymous BOO on her doorstep a few weeks later.

In early September, I started work on a church retreat in Vienna every Saturday morning and got to go past yard sales in a very affluent neighborhood.  This was awesome.  The first saturday I stopped at a yard sale at this beautiful reconstructed old home where the woman was a buyer for BareMinerals (my makeup of choice) and Spanx (my fat ass loves spanx).  I got close to $70 worth of brand new makeup and brushes for $3, a $30 pair of brand new Spanx for $2.  The makeup find was so amazing it was like I dreamt it!

To finish up my yardsale finds is a quick and easy DIY tip for tired light fixtures.  I was just about to leave a yardsale hands empty when I spotted out of the corner of my eye the glass lamp shades that cover the bulbs on bathroom lights and/or ceiling fans.  I knew about these little gems because the builder grade lights in our home came with terrible glass covers.  I had bought four shades for the bathrooms when we moved into the townhouse from Home Depot for $7 a piece.  Even for that price it was an awesome very fast upgrade.  The yardsale though had $4 shades for $2!!!  I've been looking to replace this ugly ceiling fan for 3 years now.  I honestly can't seem to find one I like better.  In the meanwhile my $2 upgrade helps this tired looking fan look just a wee bit better.

Before Yardsale:
 After Yardsale:

Did you find any yardsale gems this year?


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