Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ten months with Sammy

Sammy, not sure how we are here already, but you my son have made it to the double digits!  Yahoo, Wowza, Yay! Tear...

Some Out takes (that is if you can actually consider the previous pictures good)

This month got off to a bumpy start when you came down with your first virus.  It took about a week, but I was happy and I'm sure you were too, to say sayonara Roseola, glad you are never, ever coming back again!

It has been incredible watching your brain start connecting all the things we've been saying and "teaching" you over the last 10 months.  Everyday is something new that catches me by surprise.  You babble up a storm.  It is quite cute to watch your mouth form words and watch you enjoying making sounds.  It also cracks me up to see people turning to check out where the noise is coming from as we walk down the street and you are blah blahing away during your daily stroll with me and Bailey.  More exciting, is you are clearly saying mama!!  We've heard you say hello and hi.  You also wave hello and goodbye and can do some things we ask of you like pressing the button to close the garage door.  You think that is the best.  You wave bye to the garage door as it closes.

Here you are in all your peek a boo, climb into your toy basket glory:
To enhance your cuteness, you are crawling at lightning speed now.  I turn around for one second and you are headed up the stairs.  Yes, you figured out the stairs in no time at all.  Good thing too, because we have 28 of them!  In an effort to tire you out, we had been letting you take all 28 up to your room before naps and bed.  You wizened up quickly though, and figured out that it really isn't your piece of cake and being carried is much easier.  Nice, Sammy, Nice.
I'm so thankful for Bailey for many things, but how he entertains, loves and cleans up after you eat are now on the top of the list.  You guys have been BFFs from the start, but you continue to fall head over heels in love with Bailey.  You take a bite of food and then hand him the next.  He doesn't seem to mind, he now even brings you his bones.  I also caught you red handed with his hand in his food bowl, kibble in your mouth.

 FYI Sammy: You guys really don't need to share everything

You also, really love Romie.  Here you are playing his favorite Ribbon game with him:
Playing Peak a boo with Romie
 One of the best things now is watching your face light up and seeing you race to me or Daddy when you haven't seen us for a while.

You are always walking around using your walker.  You also pull up and cruise on everything.  Put your hands up for us to pick you up.  Pull up on our pant legs to get you if we don't grab you within what you deem a reasonable amount of time, about 2 seconds.   You surprised us by standing on your own for a few seconds. 

I was having trouble remembering everything we did in the last month and then after about five minutes of being up from your nap, it all came racing back.  You've been getting into EVERYTHING.  You call it exploring.   You explore, I chase, making sure you aren't destroying anything and/or getting hurt in the process.  I'm pretty sure I've lost a few pounds and you are quite enjoying the thrill of the chase.  Everytime I catch you, you crack up.  We went to your 9 month well child visit and you gained the nickname the destroyer.  It looked like a cat attacked the examining table.
The cat...I mean Sammy visited the doctor's office
Note, that you are in the same outfit as it was the same day.  You were in an especially good mood!

So, that pretty much sums up the month.  You did a whole lot of talking, investigating and playing with Bailey, while I kept you from killing yourself and breaking 99% of the goods in the house.


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