Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Drumroll please....!!

Congratulations to #11, Shauntel!  She is going to have a great time selecting a Christmas card for her adorable son's very first Christmas!  So happy to be able to provide you with a $50 Tiny Prints Gift Certificate.  
Yes, I had to google how to do a screen shot on a mac (apple key + Shift + 3) if anyone is interested!

Thanks for everyone who played along.  I wish I had a prize for each of you.  If you have a blog of your own, write Tiny Prints, they are always really happy to help spread their name through social media giveaways.  There are a ton of coupons right now and if you follow them on facebook they giveaway a lot of cards fairly often.

I loved all the responses to the tiny prints giveaway.  I'm glad you guys decided to play along!  It was neat to see all of your choices for cards.  It was awesome reminiscing about the things I also loved so much about Christmas.  Siblings, smells, food, music, grandparents, presents (esp when we were little).  It's exciting now that as a parent I get to help and watch Sammy as he builds these memories.

Hopefully you don't judge me, but here is the response that made me laugh the most (I mean, I laughed A LOT, I even caught myself laughing to myself when I was nursing Sam in the darkness of his room before he went to bed for the night).

Yes, I  know I have no shame and I have a serious problem.   You see, I love people falling (as long as no one is hurt).  I used to tivo America's funniest home videos so I could go back and watch the falls.  There would be tears by the time I was done watching.

Here is Katy's hilarious Christmas time Fail:
  • Katy said "My Christmasfail was when I was about 12 years old - we had just opened all our presents when I realized we hadn't yet seen the stockings. So I yelled STOCKINGS and got up to run to see them, and promptly slipped and fell on my face on the linoleum floor. And yes, the moment was captured on video!" 
Hope this helped get everyone started to a fun Christmas season. 


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