Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Catching up with Sammy (17-22 months!)

I really wish I had kept up with these monthly posts.  Semi hard to believe that the last time I posted was March.  It snowed in March and now I'm sweating from every pore imaginable.  So much has changed in our family in such a short amount of time and I have to sometimes just sit back and think about how it's possible for time to seemingly fly and crawl at the same time.

I mean seriously: March 2013
June 2013

I've heard this said so many times, but if ever there was an age to bottle up these first few months in toddlerhood would be it.  What a little man you have become Sammy.  You are just a ball of love oozing with an exuberance to explore and enjoy life in a way I have never witnessed before.  We haven't really hit the tantrum phase or intentional bad behavior which makes all of the sweet innocence and seeing the world with eyes wide open just that much more magical as a parent to witness.  Seeing the mental transformation over the last few months is truly magic.  So many connections being made.  It makes me wonder how much of this knowledge was there just brewing and waiting to show itself.  Also, how frustrated you must have been wanting to do so much but being limited by your physical and mental strength

We should all love life like a toddler experiencing it for the first time:
Fairfax Corner fountain for the first time
This may have been when you finally stopped playing in the dirt.  Praise God!
You love walking in mommy and Daddy's shoes
 OBX for the first time: Late May 2013

I love you stop to smell the flowers Sammy!!  Never stop taking the time to love the simple things!
 At the Reston Zoo.  I think you liked the birds so much you wanted to eat them!
Your first popsicle
Your first baseball game!

 A lot of what has transpired over the last 6 months (eeeek, I suck at blogging!) should really be split over two posts since the first half of the last six months did have the last tinge of baby and now in it's place is a full blown toddler.  In the last month especially your verbal skills have exploded.  I'd say the final shift from baby to toddler really happened at the beach in late may.  Maybe it was the new environment and just the abundance of new experiences, but I also think it had a lot to do with having both Mom and Dad with you full time for almost two weeks.

Speaking of independence, there have been some bad smelling roses in this whole change of scenery from baby to toddler.  Unfortunately two of my favorite past times shopping and eating out are better enjoyed Sammy free.  Gone are our pleasant family of three dinners out.  You are fine for 20 minutes or so, but then you are over it and want to get down and find something better to do (my suggestion, chill out and enjoy the conversation little dude).  Suffice to say, most of our dinners are now cooked at home or carry out.  You also are becoming slightly picky.  I'm not talking about chicken nuggets  and waffles type of picky, I'm talking about gourmet type of picky which leaves me having to prepare you a hot fresh (non leftovers) meal.  A Totally frustrating 180 to watch your eager eater become picky when I'm the type of mom who hates to cook.  Good thing we have Daddy to the rescue.

But hey, what kind of Mom ends on a sour note:  I saved the cute Sammy tales for the end.

Here are some of the fantastically cute things you've done that I want to bottle up like fireflies on a summer night.
  • You still nurse and boy nursing a toddler is cute.  You make sure everything you like is in it's place.  For example, you like to make sure I'm rubbing your hair just so.  If not, you take my hand and start moving it in a circular direction while you nurse. 
  • You also have found another comfort object: your nose.  This started with you rubbing the top, then moved to rubbing the sides, and has now moved to you full blown sticking your finger in your nose for comfort.  If you are really tired, then both forefingers go into each side of the nose.  It is rather gross, but at least it doesn't cost me a fortune in braces or lead to any embarrassing middle school yearbook pictures for you.
  • For a while, even though the pediatrician said you were right on track, I was really concerned with your vocabulary. The cute toddler girls in our lives are way more verbal, but around 20-21 months you just went through this amazing explosion in your vocabulary.  I had a feeling this was happening because you have this cue of broken sleep whenever some major milestone is about to happen.  The way you say the words are so adorable.  Some of the funniest are 
    • Nana= nang nang
    • Up=Airplanes.  You LOVE pointing these out.
    • Choo Choo, your lips crack me up when you do this.  Full out like you are about to give a big kiss.
    • If I happen to say one, you always say two, no matter what. 
  • You also have impeccable teething timing.  We rarely go on vacation, but both times you have decided it a great time to start acutely cutting 5 teeth at the same time.  Glad that's over!  We only have one more set of molars to go!
  • One thing that has really amazed me is how quickly you remember things and how many a time what you remember hasn't been said or done in quite some time.  For example, you watched me putting on lotion and then the next day you found the lotion bottle, sat down next to me, pulled up your pant leg and had me lotion you.  This has made getting sunblock on you a breeze!  You love your lotion time!
  • Some other things you love to do is clean and cook!  Let's hope this trend continues.  Whenever you reach for the swiffer, you know I've attached a cleaning pad to the bottom.  Not going to waste an opportunity for some free child labor ;) 

Hope you enjoyed catching up with Sammy!


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