Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello Again!

Stopping my mad procrastinating skills and brushing off the cobwebs on the good ole blog.

It's been a seriously long time and a lot has changed since my last post.  If I still have any readers (I added a few other follow buttons since google reader sadly is gone), you are about to experience the world's fastest blog pregnancy.  I'm due next week!  Most bloggers slow down for their first tri to get a wrap on things, I apparently take off my whole pregnancy.

Mr Serious.  Couldn't get him to crack a smile, he wanted to play with the blocks!
We found out I was pregnant a few days after our Christmas Party in mid December.  Slightly crazy since I decided to drink up a storm as I hadn't been able to drink at our last Christmas party in 2010 and then having to cancel our 2011 party due to newborn Sammy, that I would be enjoying a plethora of my infamous mimitini's.  Oooops.   So needless to say, God gave us a little early surprise Christmas Present.  By Christmas I was feeling more like this was Paul's present and by March I was feeling it even more so.  The couch totally swallowed me up for weeks on end as I succumbed to the "first trimester" baby incubating period.

After having tried for so long to get pregnant with Sammy in 2010, it was certainly different to experience finding out I was pregnant without trying.  Unlike with Sammy's pregnancy which I had prayed ceaselessly for, here I was with a gift I knew I would treasure but wasn't quite sure I was ready for.  With Sammy, I knew exactly when we had conceived, the joy was as immediate as the second pink line.  So many answered prayers, and yet with this pregnancy that second pink line brought a lot of fear.  Looking back though, I know the surprise was just a continuation of those prayers from 3 years before.  I was so incredibly thankful to not have to experience an early miscarriage again or the ups and downs of trying to conceive.  It took me much longer this pregnancy to feel better (almost 20 weeks) which was pretty hard with a young toddler needing me to be active.  A lot of that may have been the crazy cold weather we had in DC (snow in March!!!) Once the weather finally broke and I started feeling a lot of movements a lot of the joy of being pregnant was there just like it was with Sammy.

I showed pretty much immediately this time.  By 12 weeks, I looked like I did when I was 20 weeks with Sammy.  Here are the few bump pics I've taken.

I was about 14 weeks here in March at a little gym party for our friend's first birthday party
 About 26 weeks here in early May at the Pet Fiesta with Sammy
 And about 30 weeks here in OBX in late May
 I know you are jealous of my awesome six pack ;)

At my sprinkle at 37 weeks

Today at 38.6 weeks
Fortunately my weight gain stopped in late May.  I've miracuously stayed the same weight for my whole third trimester.  I'm so incredibly thankful.  I had already started the pregnancy 10 lbs heavier than I was with Sammy and for me breastfeeding does nothing to take off lbs.  It may even keep them on.

A week out from my due date and I can't wait to meet this little one.  Sammy is going to be a great big brother and I think he's a great age for the transition.  I'll report back on how it goes ;)

Anyways, I'll be posting a catch up on Sammy's monthly posts, a trip review from our first family trip to the Outer banks, a new nursery reveal and a few other fun posts I have drafted and never published.  Hope you enjoy!


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