Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Anticipating Our New Baby Girl

It's always fun to lead up to a major life event.  The memories of the anticipation are always wonderful to look back on. The week before your wedding, the days leading up to your due date, even for us the weeks leading up to a fun vacation.  As I typed out our daughter's birth story, I realized as much as it was a part of her birth story, it was better to just make this time in our lives their own post.

Just like with big brother Sammy, we had a scheduled induction date.  This time, I knew it was coming and started asking the dr around 35 weeks when it would be.  I was pretty miserable those last few hot weeks being pregnant!  I tried as hard as I could to enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy, but it was SO hot and I was SOOOOO big.  Chasing Sammy around everyday had me begging for naptime so I could rest too.  Also, every time I went out I got so many comments about oh you must be past due, blah de blah blah blah (say something nice or don't say anything at all).  Now crazy enough as it sounds I do miss being pregnant and the anticipation of a babies arrival as well as all those wonderful baby kicks. So, se la vie, the grass is never greener on the other side.  Verdict is still out on whether or not we are crazy enough to get ourselves outnumbered and have more babies.

After one especially long wait at the doctors office and an errant NST machine sans paper that left me in tears, the doctor finally took pity on me and scheduled our induction for the day before my due date.  I again walked out of the office grinning from ear to ear, feeling like I held the golden ticket and not caring about a soul on the elevator wondering why I was so giddy.

 Giving birth this time was a little trickier since we had to coordinate childcare.  Emotionally this was so hard for me as it would be the first time I was ever away from Sammy. In retrospect since he did so well without us, I guess I should have bitten the bullet sooner and gone on a childless babymoon for a few days.  Lesson learned, toddlers = adaptable.

Fortunately unlike with Sammy I don't have to start this birth story with a traumatic arrival at L&D 7 weeks early.  This time around baby was showing no signs of wanting to vacate the premises.  In fact it was the exact opposite.  I was so proud at our 24 week ultrasound when I found out baby was already head down.  Praise God!  Seemed like history wouldn't repeat itself with with a breech baby flipping and sending me into labor early.

Well, as luck would have it, miss Independent, by the time my next ultrasound rolled around a month later the little miss had flipped to breech and stayed that way until 2 days before I was scheduled to for an ECV in the hospital (ouch), epidural (ouch again) and hospital bags packed and all.  I'm sensing the little miss has inherited her mom's nonchalant attitude about procrastinating.  Wonderful...  Anyways, a full 3 months of anxiety over a csection and lots of spinning babies yoga and handstands in the pool (imagine the looks you get 9 months pregnant, the size of a whale doing handstands in the pool) on the eve of our 37 week ultrasound I felt the take your breath away, hold onto something movements of a 6.5lb baby flipping.  Thank you Jesus for an answered prayer.

So off we go on our merry way counting down the days until baby decides to come on her own.  I trusted in both of our inherited procrastinating skills at this point and knew we were in for an induction.  I'm positive your Daddy did too because not only did he go to Texas on a business trip for 4 days when I was 37 weeks pregnant, it wasn't until 2 days before giving birth that he decided it was time to pack his hospital bag and uphold his end of the bargain which included packing up all the electronic goods we would want in the labor and delivery room.  Leave it to Paul to not be able to do this without my help.  Anyways stubborn is as stubborn does and I maturely refuse to help him (more on this later).

We continued our trend of jam packing fun family outings into the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  We did the pregnant pilgrimage to Ikea as a family (Sammy LOVED it), went to burke lake park and rode the train and carousel, spent a ton of time together at the pool, went to Sammy's first baseball game, went to a few summer fairs where Sammy got to ride a ferris wheel for the first time and also went on a few date nights too.  

On our last day as a family of three, we wanted to have one last awesome day with Sammy.  We go to clemyjontri park at the frequent recommendations of our friends and had a blast despite the heat.

After our morning at Clemyjontri park, we went on our merry way getting ready to head to the hospital later that day.  Continued in my next post!


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