Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Graduation is Finally Here!

I met my husband Paul the night before his first day in college August 1999! That was 11 years ago folks! Needless to say, I am more than thrilled and proud to be standing next to him as he accepts his diploma from GMU on Friday. I'm honestly not sure who is more excited about this accomplishment!

Of course, if I'm that excited, I'd like to be in a new dress for the event. Here comes my penny saved story. I went to target with my coworkers a few weeks ago during lunch. I was oogling over all the dresses (I have an awful fetish for dresses these days) when I came across this beauty:  Target Maxi Dress

I've been wanting a Maxi dress for a while, but based on my 5'2 slightly chubby frame it's been a hard find. For $29.99, it was a little bit out of my desired price range for a dress, but considering it took my husband 11 years to make it to graduation, it was a worthwhile investment for this monumental occasion!

Lo and behold a few weeks later, I got the target circular and saw that Merona dresses were on sale. I happened to be walking around target, spotted the dress in a different size, took it to the scanner and it rang up on sale at $19.99! Right in my price range for dresses! So I thought, what the heck it doesn't hurt to ask. So I took the XL size dress to the customer service desk and asked her if she could look up a size small, see that it was on sale, compare it to how much my credit card showed I paid a few weeks ago and issue me a credit for $10. After a few pleases, she said yes! Off I was with the perfect dress for under $20! This was officially one of my first postive experiences at the Target customer service desk!


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