Thursday, May 20, 2010

Graduation Recap and

What a jam packed week it has been!  Paul finally did it!  He's a college graduate, YAY!!

To celebrate we went to one of our favorite local restaurants alto plaza.  It serves all types of Spanish food and great drinks.  Paul normally gets the fajitas and I normally get the Paella.  They have really great appetizers and chips and salsa too.  The best part of this restaurant, is the atmosphere and the view looking out over the mountains going down rt. 29.

Even better still is the awesomeness that they are now on!  We love this website.  If you sign up for their emails, they send you coupon codes so that you can get 50-90% off of the gift certificates that they sell.  For Paul's graduation, we bought one $50 off of $100 gift certificate and we paid $4!  Pretty AWESOME!  I guess to sum it up, they are coupons that you pay for.  When we've traveled to places like San Diego, Miami and Cape May we thought ahead when they were doing 80% off sales and bought a bunch for our vacations, making sure first that we checked out the restaurants we were interested in on trip advisor and that there weren't any stipulations we didn't like(not valid on weekends, no alcohol).  This genius idea made paying for dinner's out on vacation much less painful for me.

I leave you with a picture of me and Paul at Alto Plaza celebrating the fabulous notion that we finally can just come home from work and enjoy being married without having to run off to class!  Take note of my dress which I mentioned in my last post!


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