Monday, May 10, 2010

Introducing Myself to Blogosphere!

Hi! I'm finally jumping on the blog wagon.  I've been wanting to have a place to share my adventures and focus my mind now for sometime.  Hopefully my blog will be fun, friendly and inspiring.  I'll be bringing you tips and tricks for saving and concurrently living life to the fullest as often as possible!

I named this blog A Penny Saved (Penee since Penny was already taken) because I have seen first hand what saving pennies can do.  I haven't minded the "el cheapo", and "coupon queen" nicknames my coworkers have conjured up for me.  I infact relish in them because I know that saving money has been my gateway to a charmed life with my husband of 6 years!  I love it when my friends call me asking for a coupon or when and where they should buy something.  I really feel honored!!

This isn't something that just came to me.  I've always liked the thrill of living frugally, wondering how much less I got something for than the person next to me.  For as long as I can remember (maybe 4-5 years old), I've been like this.  As a little kid, I used to clip coupons for my mom and cut out all the shoes from the ads that I liked.  By middle school my grandmother entrusted me with a weekly allowance of $5.  Even having gone to school in downtown Washington D.C., I used to make my $5 strech all week!  Normally, it was a soda here, candy bar there and bagels for lunches; never was it more than $5 a week!  By the time I was in college I had my mind set on bigger goals.  By 20 year olds I had purchased and was half way to paying off my first car a little green civic named greenie,was signing contracts on my first home with my soon to be hubby and had enough saved to pay for half our wedding! 

Now many years of saving pennies later, I bring to you a Penny Saved!  I hope that you will enjoy my blog and start saving pennies and stop paying full price too.  I'll try to update as often as I can so that you can see where my shopoholic adventures in saving and spending have gotten me.


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