Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I should give Rachel Ray some pointers...

So anyone that knows me well knows I have a major lack of patience.  Fortunately for Paul and my friends I got a handle on my patience with people fixed a while ago.  Patience for cooking is another story.  I generally season using whatever juices, wine, beer or condiments are in my fridge and pantry and try to use a few pots and pans as possible so I don't have a lot of dishes to clean.

I generally don't like having to cook for longer than 15-20 minutes.  I've become pretty good at it. Last night I made an awesome 20 minute mahi mahi meal and tonight's mexican entertaining meal for our first ever church small group was already whipped together in 5 minutes and done by 9 am (I'll post on that later).

Last night's dinner was Mahi Mahi with fresh steamed spinach and garlicy mashed potatoes:
No recipe and unfortunately no actual picture but this is how I did it and the pic is as similar to what mine looked like as I could find online.

How to make 20 minute Mahi dinner:
  • Placed mahi mahi filets onto the olive oiled baking pan season them with salt, pepper, montreal chicken seasoning and herbes de provence. 
  • I used the remaining tidbit of salsa 1/8 cup? (Jack's Salsa is my fav), poured in about 1/2 cup of beer, the little bit of sparkling apple cider which was left in the bottle (1/2 cup maybe) and then a splash of chicken stock.
  • Pour that over the seasoned mahi in pan and put it in the convection oven for 15 minutes at 375 degrees.
  • While the mahi is baking put potatoes into the microwave to cook. 
  • In a  deep pan add some olive oil and a little bit of chicken stock and then put in the fresh spinach season it with salt, pepper and garlic and cover the pan for 3-5 minutes or until spinach has wilted.
  • Take the spinach out of the pan and place into severing bowl. 
  • Add the cooked potatoes into the pan (still has spinach juices), mashed them with potato masher (best kitchen tool ever)
  • Add a little bit of plain yogurt, a splash of milk some garlic power, and of course chicken stock salt and pepper.  Smooth together with masher or fork.
  • Plate the potatoes side them with spinached and top them with the mahi. 

Dinner done and served in 20 minutes!


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