Monday, October 4, 2010

Register Your Starbucks Card

Remember when I wrote about Splits and my love for Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSL). 

Well this is the time of year I actually really care about Starbucks being in the world.  I could honestly go without any other type of coffee.  I don't need caffeine it unfortunately/fortunately doesn't have any effect on me at all.

Well a few months ago, Paul my all year round loving starbucks hubby surprised me with a loaded starbucks card in my wallet (he's so awesome right).  Well I finally got around to registering it because I kept hearing that after a few drinks you get free shots or free soy milk or a free drink!

Well on Saturday about a week after I registed and started using my card Starbucks sent me a little card in the mail for a free breakfast sandwich as a thank you for registering my card!  YAY!!

Here is a link to the information about registering your card.
For those of you with fancy phones, I think there is an app to see where you are with their rewards system.

Have fun and enjoy a PSL soon!


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