Friday, January 14, 2011

2010: A Pictoral Year In Review

When I first thought about writing this post, all I could think of was the bad things that had plagued our family in the beginning, middle and end of 2010.  I thought about trying to solve the weight on my shoulders by writing a list of pros and cons of 2010 and seeing which one was longer or had more weight.  This is my solution.  Even though there was more death and illness than I had ever witnessed in my whole life in just last year, when I went to look back at our pictures I realized there was still way more to be thankful for than what we had lost or been forced to grow from.

I pray that we all remember that God carries us through the bad times and lets us run through the good.  Cherish each day and be happy for what you have.  I can tell you first hand, we don't always know what tomorrow brings.  Thank you 2010 for teaching me that lesson.  I love and appreciate my friends and family that pulled us through and celebrated each and every milestone with.

Enjoy the pictures everyone!

Jan 2010:
Rang in the new year with our friends and neighbors Joe and Laura during the coldest winter ever in St. Augustine, FL
 Then on the last day when we were walking around downtown St. Augustine, we found out Paul won, Assistant Branch Manager of the Year again!  The awards done by Cap One, were amazing! 
This is best summed up by BLIZZARD.  I was so done with snow by this point.  There wasn't too much else going on in Feb 2010 in DC. 
 Valentine's Day was AWESOME!  Found some melting pot copy cat recipes and made fondue:

Bailey's 3rd Birthday: 2/28.  He loves his birthday!
Got to meet, John Gidding from Curb Appeal the block at the dulles home show.  Also, where I got all the resources for the stone wall and the granite we had installed.
Celebrated the beautiful life my sister and her husband created by throwing her a baby shower.  Although no words can describe my sister, her husband's and our families pain from losing Jacob the day after her shower, I'm so glad my baby nephew was able to have his life celebrated on the eve of his passing.  So many friends were at her shower and Jacob was truly showered with gifts.  His legacy will be everlasting for so many generations.  I will always know God loves us even when he gives and takes away.  He not only saved my sister, but held her tight and will never let her go.
Caught the tail end of the cherry blossoms:
 Had fun at Kari and Chris' wedding!

Easter and Paul's nephews dedication
Spring showed up on the patio and the front yard received a makeover!

Finally Paul Graduates!
Paul's Birthday:
Celebrating at Sweetwater with a few too many mojitos
Happy 6th Anniversary to us in St. Lucia!  Thanks to the for gifting us part of the trip!
Good times quickly came to an end just like they had in March.  The day after we got home from St. Lucia,  we found out my oldest, closet and best family friend "grandfather" had died while we were away.  He had a beautiful burial in Quantico National Cemetery.
Same night as the funeral was our annual concert to the gypsy kings with Joe and Laura
The next day was Corinne and Zack's wedding!
Bailey went for the summer doggie swim, too many times!

Had some awesome Sangria with Joe and Laura at BOW vineyards.  Bailey and Clemson came too!

Enjoyed the best time with my sister and Joe at their new house on the lake!
Joined a small group that has been so amazing and life changing.  What a beautiful bunch of friends God gifted us at the perfect time in our life.  Thank you GOD!
That was the only picture worthy thing we did in Oct apparently.  I'm pretty sure that pic of the small group was taken in Nov too.
We did go to Cox farm fields of fear.  It was totally not scary and I'm scared of everything.  Save your money and go for the regular pumpkin patch instead. 
Visited my sisters and her their kids and new puppy Bako!  The went to NYC with my other sister
Then Thanksgiving, we got us some GRANITE, a new stove, Paul got the flu and then I had to do the backsplash myself!
Wow, where did the year go?
12/1...this is how it started and trust me folks it didn't get much better!
Then a week later...the Big C, then a week of doctor visits, a pregnancy, a miscarriage and finally surgery # 2
Not before SANTA came to town!  I love our friends so much, there is no way I was letting our Christmas party not happen:
Back to reality:
And then the best birthday present ever, Paul was cancer free within a week of being diagnosed with a tumor on an internal organ!  Go PAUL!  Give that big FU to cancer.  I hate you cancer, just for the record.  Happy Birthday to ME!  Celebrated at Sea Pearl

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Cheers to a fabulous, LIFE filled and HEALTHY 2011!!


The Vazquez Family said...

You guys are just so darn cute! Farewell 2010, you were a roller coaster ride...HELLO 2011!!!

Ruthie said...

This year can only be better---that's all I have to say!!

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