Friday, April 22, 2011

Remember Me?!

So,  What can I say to explain my four month hiatus from blogging aside from the lazy bug has hit me BIG time.  I'm so lazy infact that I finally got around to downloading the pictures off my camera from superbowl throguh our tulips blooming in our front yard this spring. 

Even more proof of the lazy bug is that I haven't had much frugalicious news to share because I've been....wait for it....too lazy to go shopping.  I can't even believe I typed that.  Shopping is part of what makes my heart tick and yet I have to drag myself to the store.

In my defense, although 4 months is a bit ridiculous, I did start this blog off by saying I wasn't committing to frequent posting! 

So, this weekend I will be catching up on my blogging starting with our fun and cozy superbowl, followed by our fabulous trip to the outer banks courtesy of our good friends, a trip to NY with my sister, then a report on our clearance pansies and a few frugalicous purchases I happened to make during my brief shopping stints.

Stay tuned!


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