Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello Spring 2011

I seriously am so excited it is warm again outside.  I love May, love it!  Almost all my closets friends are born in May including my husband, sister and long time bff.  That is definitely one of the reasons I love it so much, I also just love the long days and early mornings, cool air in the evening and all the FLOWERS!  I love flowers.

We waited a pretty long time this year to get our patio ready for the summer.  April was super rainy and cold in the DC area and I didn't want to invest the money in flowers if it was going to go below freezing (seriously, you would have thought it was December the other day).  I was finally able to put up my new patio umbrella.  I love it!  My awesome hubby also power washed and stained the deck and fence, strung the lights on the umbrella and deck and just did a ton of work helping me get everything cleaned up this year.  Gotta love the special treatment that comes from being pregnant! 

Here are some pics of the 2011 deck and patio.  Aside from me being the obvious one, who wants to join us for a mojito?!  We've got lots of fresh mint growing like a weed on the patio from years past.


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