Tuesday, May 3, 2011

President's Day Weekend in Duck, NC

Most people know that the beach and the outer banks in particular is one of my favorite places.  Paul and I even have hopes of retiring there

Every year we try and take two-three small vacations.  One in June for our anniversary, one in December/January and sometimes one in September.  We had planned on doing something different this december from our normal escape the freezing cold for a sunny spot and had planned on going to Chicago to experience the city all lit up for Christmas.  Unfortunately, we found out Paul had appendicitis 12 hours before we were supposed to leave and had to cancel the trip.

I knew Paul was dissapointed and also was down in the dumps from the medical issues he was facing around Christmas.  So, I asked our great friends and neighbors Matt and Steph's parents if we could rent their beach house as a surprise Christmas present for Paul.  They were more than happy to let us stay in their beach house over President's Day weekend in February and were so kind to only charge us the cleaning fee.  They don't stay there during that time since most things are closed and the weather isn't much warmer than in DC.  Paul was thrilled to receive such an awesome surprise on christmas.  Even better was, right before we left for the trip, we found out we were pregnant!  I was about 5.5 weeks along when we went on the trip, which coincidentally is also about when the fatigue and morning sickness of the first tri hit you like a brick!

We had such a great time.  For the first time ever, Bailey, Paul and I were the only ones on the beach!  I couldn't believe it!  It was the first nice day we had since the fall (temps went up to the 70s!) and we were the only three souls on the beach..  We did some major relaxing, nappnig, reading and dvd watching.  I can't remember the last time we spent four days without cable or internet but it felt really nice to be disconnected and not have to worry about anything but what to eat and when to go for a walk.  Here are some pictures.


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