Friday, July 29, 2011

Frugalicious Nesting

I am going to assume by the amount of online and regular shopping I have been doing for the house and for the new baby that nesting has hit me BIG time.  An apology to my bank account and to Paul for a honey do list.  I am loving it so much, it feels like I am a newlywed again getting my house exactly the way I want it. 

A few weekends ago I had the privledge of going to Connecticut in order to meet my sisters much prayed for, long awaited and much anticipated new baby Lana.  She was two weeks old.  She couldn't be any cuter, especially when she stretches like she has worked a super long day or really needed that nice long nap. 

Here she is with my sister at the hospital not too long after birth (I love the little bow):

Slightly less exciting than new baby Lana (jk) was my sister taking me to the christmas tree shops which put my nesting into over drive.  Below are some pictures of what has been frugaliciously nested into my home as of late.

Christmas Tree Shops:  I was super excited about finding these curtains since for the two years or so I have been meaning to make my own regular roman shades but was too chicken knowing my lack of sewing and crafting skills.  During my CTS run, I also purchased a bunch of scrapbooking supplies, some cute christmas kitchen towels, awesome picture frames and a birthday present for my mother in law.

William and Sonoma Summer Sale:  I wasn't going to let this bee set slip away from me again this year.  Last year I waited for it to go 75% off and it all sold out before it did.  I'll take some better pictures when I use it all for the first time, but I bought the 70x90 table cloth at 50% off (still $$ at $40), 2 sets of 4 napkins for 75% off ($10/set) and the little cake stand for 50% off ($10).  Aside from what I believe was over paying for the table cloth, I'm so happy to have what I have been wanting for 2+ years!  This was actually something we needed too, the last time I bought some dinner napkins was 6 years ago!

Pottery Barn summer sale, I got this beautiful towel in red for our guest bathroom for $10 (60% off) it looks awesome and is luxuriously thick!

 I'll post some more nesting/nursery pictures soon.  We are almost done!


Doug, Jess, Elena and Mason said...

Can't wait to see Samuel's room!!!! How exciting!!!!

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