Sunday, July 10, 2011

Online Coupons and Facebook

So, one of my frugalicious tips for saving money is always looking for an online coupon before making a purchase.  All I do is simply google the place I want to buy from and then either get an online code or if I'm standing in line in an actual store I google the store plus printable coupon.  I normally use retailmenot of edealinfo for coupons.  These work almost everywhere including the outlets.  If you have a smart phone most stores let you just show them the phone instead of having to actually print the coupon.

Right now most of my purchases are for the nursery which, we are trying to finish up.  We are doing a beach and Bailey theme and I wanted to put something specific around that theme above the crib.  I found a great website called Dali Decals.  I couldn't find anything perfect that was off the shelf, but they do really awesome custom orders.  The service I received was AWESOME!  Here is the final result that I'm going to order with a coupon.

I'm waiting for a good coupon code to order so I save a few $$.  They are right about to hit 10k fans on their facebook page so I'm thinking they might have a good code from that.  Unfortunately a few days before I started searching for the decal to put above the crib, I learned that they did an amazing groupon which I missed out on.  This is still sticking in my mind which is why I'm on the mad hunt for a coupon!  Reading the dali decal facebook page I saw that the mommy blog was giving 5% off and a giveaway starting on July 14th.  So, either I use the 5% off from the mommy blog or fingers cross I hopefully win the mommy blog dali decal giveaway (i can wish right) or dali decal gets to 10k fans and a code comes from that.   They also always offer free shipping on $50, so that is a great savings too.  Dali Decal prices are fantastic even without the coupon based on my comparison shopping to etsy, ebay and stores like pottery barn.

So rule of thumb which I'm sure most of you use is don't purchase without a coupon!  Use online coupons and facebook before making any purchases, online or in store!  Happy shopping!


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