Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Hats

So, I realize I can only take so many newborn pictures of Sammy in adorable hats before I am considered a mean Mom, but these hats and pictures are soooo adorable.  I can't wait to dress him up in hats..potentially only hats, because seriously naked baby bottoms, a nice blanket or basket and a cute hat, what is better?  Here is a link to my favorite local baby photographer Little Moon Photography.  Unfortunately unless I somehow lose my frugality aka cheapness, I win something, or she does a groupon I will have to just admire these pictures of other babies. 

I bought the pumpkin and football hats during my Frugalicious Nesting Spree from Etsy and have comissioned my mom to make us a few more.  They were each $6 with $2 each for shipping.

These are the ones I want my Mom to make (she doesn't realize how many there are yet mauhhahaha).  The patterns which she says she doesn't need are listed $5 for $20 on etsy:

The prices of these hats really vary a lot ($5-$25) for essentially the exact same thing.  What I did to find the best price was simple, sort by lowest to highest.  I was amazed at the range in prices.


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