Friday, August 19, 2011

Frugalicious Daily Deal savings..Birth Announcment edition!!

So, coincidentally right when this birth announcment livingsocial deal came out I was in high gear choosing a baby announcement design that I liked in preparation for our little porker Sammy's arrival.  I had looked all over the place for one I liked and in a price range I could agree on.  Pintrest, just FYI is amazing for idea banking.  I didn't want to use vistaprint or shutterfly because truly, I don't think they print the best quality images.  Tinyprints was probably going to be my option, but their prices even with a coupon really make me have heart palpitations.  So when I heard about simply to impress thru the livingsocial deal I was all over it.  I'm quite excited to spend around $30 (I bought 2) for all of the announcements.  I did some coupon code searching on google before buying and it appears they do free shipping with 20% off pretty frequently.  Pretty excited to combine both the livingsocial deal and the coupon codes when the time comes!

So, while it seems a bit cart before the horse for me to have gone on this hunt now, I know how I look at way too many options with choosing stuff like this (Christmas cards, invitations, etc) and knew with sleep deprivation and adjusting to being a first time mom, I wouldn't have the time I wanted to dedicate to our son's first formal hello to the world. 

Here are my top seven choices (see what I mean).  Right now I'm leaning towards "simply hello blue".   Want to help me narrow it down, which one do you like best? 


Stephanie said...

Cute choices! I would choose between Simply Hello Blue and Garden Spot Blue.

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