Monday, June 11, 2012

Eight Months with Sammy!

Sammy, you are so much FUN!  I am so thankful that you came into our lives and showed me how much love my heart has to give.  The way you trust me and love me is incredible.  I love watching your whole face light up when you see me and Daddy.   I've got a pretty big feeling that you are going to use that smile to charm your way through many a situation in life my friend.  You've taught me how much of a gift a new day through the eager look of anticipation on your face each and every morning.  You make getting up at the crack of dawn worth it baby son!

You've been a busy little man this month.  Ch, Ch, Ch Changes is the best way I can say it.  I feel like you just are rounding the corner from baby to toddler.  You are a one moving man!  I can never count on finding you in the same spot where I left you, whether it be to sleep in your crib or on your play mat.

For example:

You can pull yourself to standing and push yourself up off your belly into a sitting position, you get the biggest thrill when we hold your hands so you can walk.  You are crawling (yikes).  I'm sure crawling for you is so exciting, for me gives I'm having a slight panic attack.   You now have TWO teeth (please don't bite me)! 

We did a lot of fun stuff this month.  We celebrated my first mother's day with a trip to Clifton to enjoy some crepes at the clifton cafe.  It was a really fun easy going day.

We went swimming for the first time!  I was incredibly excited for this day and am so happy you love the pool.

We celebrated Daddy's birthday and Mommy and Daddy had ourselves a nice date night.  We also had another date night a few weeks later at the fair.  That was awesome too! 

Glad you go to bed early so we get some alone time.  Here you are in your bath, right before bed.

You through me for a loop a few weeks ago when you kept fighting your naps.  I quickly realized after a few days of this nonsense that now you don't need your third nap!  This frees up so much time for us to have fun!  Since you can stay up now around 3-4 hours at a time, we've gone on some playdates, out for lunch, shopping, walks.  It's fantastic!  I have lots of fun things planned for us to do this month.  It's time to get you socialized my friend!

Our first lunch date at Whole Foods:
At your friend AJ's baptism party:

Out with the Family at Dogfish in Gaithersburg (so much bigger than the one in Fairfax)

 You love to eat!  Here you are munching on some yogurt pops I made you. 
 You figured out your snack container.  You love puffs for breakfast.
 Shopping with Daddy at Nordstrom Rack
 Dinner at Ozzies!  We ordered food for you off the kids menu, that was a bit weird to say the least!


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