Thursday, June 21, 2012

The trouble with technology

See that little cute clock? It is a smart clock, it knows the days it is supposed to spring forward and fall back. Unfortunately the clock is circa 2004, which is before some smarty pants decided to change the months we spring forward and fall back.

So, now my smart clock has become a smarty pants clock, which sporadically chooses random days throughout the year to f with me. You see, the time is wrong, day light saving time wrong. The funny thing is today is the first day of summer, no where near springing forward. I have no clue why, but now this damn clock has no clue when to readjust. Today is our third time springing forward. The last time was this past jan and unfortunately I had to drag my already sleep deprived self to work and was a complete yatch the whole day.

When Sam started crying to be tended to this morning, I looked at the time on my clock and saw it was 6, too close to his actual wake up time to feed him, so I had Paul soothe him back to sleep. Sam wouldn't settle, I should have known to listen to my baby and not the time, but at what I thought was 6 am common sense was overpowered by my need to keep sleeping. Finally after 4 back and forth attempts between the two of us to settle Sam, we gave up and woke up with him for the day early.

When Paul went downstairs to play with sam, we realized mr clock played his obnoxious trick on us again. It wasn't almost seven, it was almost 6.

The worst part about the whole ordeal was I had mr cranky jr and mr cranky pants sr on my hands for the rest of the longest day of the year. Ugh.

Anyone have any alarm clock recs? We'd just like it to be compact with a radio.


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