Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This too shall pass

I remember hearing those words so many times when Sam was first born.  It gave me hope that I would get through whatever tough new mom/new baby situation I happened to find myself in.  On one especially trying day on Sam's seven week birthday, my friend Stephanie came by to lend some moral support and said, don't worry he is only 7 weeks old once.  Those words really rang true to me.  Today, maybe it's God's intentional forgetfulness so that I'll have a newborn in the house again, but I seriously can't remember exactly how bad it was when Sam's crying reached it's peak around 8 weeks.

Now that Sam is turning the corner to 8 months and is just getting over his first two teeth cutting, this too shall pass is ringing in my ears.  Unlike when he was 7 weeks old though, they are ringing for a different reason.  While I would greatly love to have my pseudo good sleeper back, I do realize that the days of his babyhood are fleeting and sooner than I know it I'm going to miss my baby boy wanting me to come and pick him up at 3 am so that he can put his head on my shoulder and snuggle his warm body up to me and breathe his ever so cute baby breath into my neck.

My friend Mandie pinned this awesome find the other day and it really pulled at my heartstrings and made me gain some perspective on my oh so little problems in what truly is a magical time in my family's life.


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