Monday, August 9, 2010

Ask and you shall receive

Do you ever remember hearing "no question is a stupid question"?  Well, I'm a firm believer of that statement because sometimes it is better to ask a question then to look stupid because you didn't know later.  I've taken this school house catch phrase one step further and have no fear in asking for a discount.  Honestly, the worst they can say is no and then you are no where different than when you started off, so why not?

My theory best presented itself when we bought our new fridge last year.  Paul could tell you lots of stories where I've embarrassed him because I asked a question; this time though, he was so happy when I asked this one!  Since the day we moved in, we had loathed the fridge that came with our house.  It was a builders grade side by side that had gone through the previous 3 owners; it fit approximately 2 items in the freezer and had to get fixed by GE several times.  As I said in our earlier post, we always buy in bulk, so freezer space is of the utmost importance and a working freezer even more so.  Here is a picture of the old fridge:

So needless to say, we'd been on the hunt for a new fridge for close to three years.  We'd been wanting a french door freezer, but unable to stomach the 2-3k price tag held off until one day on a window shopping extravaganza at the Lowes in Chantilly we came upon this beauty, marked down from $2,700 to $1,500.

I noticed a scratch on the bottom side of the door and asked the clerk if he could mark it down some more.  He said sure how about $1,200 and I said, well I can take it for $1,100 and then off we went skipping to the register hand in hand with big smiles plastered on (I know we are so cute aww).  Come to find out they'd later bring it down to $750 because of a whole series of sattirical events which included pressing buttons, spoiled food and a lot of stairs....  I then sold my old side by side for $250 instead of letting lowes haul a perfectly good fridge away to a landfill.  So we were, the proud owners of my brand spanking new $3,000 fridge for $500!  Everyday when I open my fridge (we call her Sammy), or get some nice cold filtered water (something impossible on our old fridge), I'm happy I asked for a discount because of a stratch a little marker eradicated once we got home.

Now on to the Lowes in Chantilly, if you live in VA and need something get there now!  They have a much better selection than the HD right down the street from us.  Plus they know what the are talking about, want to help you and always have HUGE clearance sections all over the store.  My friend Kari bought a beautiful bath vanity with a small crack in the granite top for $45 (origianl price with attached faucet and glass bowal well over $500).  We ended up buying a washer and dryer from them a few months ago for almost 65% off!  They are beautiful glittery blue Sammys that actually make me happy to do laundry.

I also got most of our summer flowers from them on clearance.  Big wave petunias for .45 cents!  Yes, .45 cents, they are normally $4!  I also got a whole tray of geraniums 18 for $5.  Costco sold them 10 for $25 and honestly my tip is if you have trouble watering, don't think fancy flowers from a nursery are going to do any better.  Expensive flowers and clearance flowers both die if you don't water them (go back to 9th grade bio and remember photosynthesis, it will help you have a green thumb).

Now go ask away!


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