Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Yard Sale Find

I love yard sales.  Unfortunately though for a reason I don't know, I don't go very often.  When I was little my Mom and I used to go all the time.  Paul works most Saturday Mornings so normally that is when I clean the house and relax.  By the time we head out to do errands or see friends on Saturday all the yard sales are over.

I was pretty excited when on our way back from church on Sunday, there was a yard sale on a Sunday!  I as able to convince Paul to make a pitstop and after a few minutes of looking around junk, I found this gem! 

There was no price listed so I asked the lady if I could have it for a $1.  She told me $3 and finally we landed on $2.I was originally going to give it to Paul's Mom who LOVES bird houses, but after the car ride home I had decided it was too cute to not display on our new tree. 

What are your favorite yard sale finds?


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