Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hospital Bag

I packed my hospital bag the night I went into early labor at 33.5 weeks.  There was no way I was going to end up at the hospital without my creature comforts!  Fortunately I didn't need to use them until 39.3 weeks.

Here is what I packed for Sammy:
Baby hat to leave the hospital with from Children's Place.  This also has been one of my favorite items for him and at $2 an awesome price too!

1 newborn going home outfit from target and 1 0-3 mo outfit which I had hoped to use but couldn't b/c Sammy albeit a big baby did still need to be in newborn clothes

For Me:
Socks which I didn't end up using because I forgot to put them in my bag for the delivery room and left them in my bring to the post partum room suitcase.

An old robe: This was perfect.  You really, need this to walk around to the different classes or to the nursery when your baby goes there for their first bath and footprints

PJs: I didn't end up wearing mine because putting on pants was not going to happen with all that bleeding and sweating.  It was better to stay in the hospital gown because it was fine to have that soiled.  I do wish I had purchased a nursing night gown so I wouldn't have looked so frumpy in the lactation class and discharge class, but I guess it is just another time when modesty sets in as a new mom.

Nursing Tops: Just bring one, I have no clue why I packed more than that

My going home outfit: Yoga pants, nursing top jacket, flip flops

Hair Dryer, makeup, toiletries.  So glad I brought all this stuff.  Your skin and hair look amazing for some reason after delivery, I think it maybe the IV fluids and estrogen raging through you; however you feel SO gross after delivering a baby that any beautifying you can do helps you get passed the knowledge that your vagina was just completely massacred and feels like your sitting on a completely sore and swollen baboons ass.

I wish I'd packed lanolin ointment.  I have no clue why they don't have this for new mothers.  Your nipples hurt like hell and a little relief would be amazing.  Continue to ask for help from the lactation consultants there, they are awesome and I am 100% certain are the reason exclusively breast feeding Sammy has gone so well.

For Paul:
Comfy clothes to sleep in and wear around the hospital and snacks.

We didn't need coins the way they tell you to for the snack machine.  It is just as easy to go to the cafe and use your credit card or cash.  Though I suggest NOT letting him eat in the delivery room while you are in labor and aren't allowed to eat.  He thought it was a good idea that I smell his food while I was starving.  Seriously co-parenting misery during the 4th trimester starts during labor.


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