Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One Month with Sammy!

Sammy, you have stolen my heart.  So quickly you buried your soul so deeply into mine that I can't even recognize the moment when they weren't intwined.  Was it when the Lord created me in the secret place of my mothers womb with the egg which would one day become fertilized to make you?  I know you were made for me and I love you.

Being the youngest child and not having any cousins I never understood how amazing babies were.  I knew I wanted a baby, but after the miscarriages and the MFI diagnosis, there was a part of me that thought ok well then we will just be one of those couples that has pets instead of kids.  The second I held you, I knew how wrong I was to ever think that!  What the hell was I thinking?!  You are so amazing, so special, so tiny, so wonderful, so cute and funny.  I don't think I could breathe without you in my life.  Why did we wait 7 years before trying to have you!

Sammy, you have smiled all along.  Minutes after you were born we caught your first smile.  You haven't stopped smiling since so I can say with certainty it wasn't gas!  You loooove to eat and are really good at it!  You gained back your birth weight so fast, the pediatrician said you were an over achiever and that mommy's milk alone was perfect for you!

Look how little you were when we went for our first trip to the Pediatrician.  Daddy drove us around, driving ms. Daisy style.  He does a lot of that these days!

You have always loved doing tummy time, especially with Daddy!  We do it first thing in the morning because you wake up with a massive smile on your face.  It is fantastic!
On your one week birthday, we took our first trip to do something fun!  We went to FC, for pinkberry and a little walk.  It was beautiful out and Bailey was so grateful to get out of the house and go for a ride.
You love bath time!  Your umbilical cord stump fell off before you were a week old so you've been in your little tub almost all along.  Here you are in your lion king wrap.
When you were 9 days old we had our friend Ally take newborn pictures of you.  You were so cute!

Once you were about 2 weeks old, I felt much better and was ready to head out for walks!  It was early fall and was so beautiful out.

You are super lucky and have a Daddy that absolutely adores you!

Bailey loves you too.  He makes sure you are ok when Daddy falls asleep on the job!
We celebrated your first Halloween:

Happy 1 month birthday Sammy! 11.11.11!

At your 1 mo pediatrician appointment, you weighed in at over 11lbs!  3 lbs in a month!  Booby buffet has some miracle grow in it!


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