Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two Months with Sammy!

Sammy, we had so much fun this month! You went from a wee little newborn to a glimpse of the cute gerber baby you are today.  You settled yourself into a wonderful predictable routine, which by your 8th week included a 6 hour stretch of sleep at night! That sent our love for you into OVER DRIVE!

We got to celebrate your first thanksgiving and get ready for Christmas!  Decorating for Christmas while you napped was totally not fun.  Daddy decided after seeing Grandma's tree up that he would come home   and set our tree up.  That is where it stopped.  He left us to go to work with all the boxes of ornaments and knick knacks to put up while you napped.  If you weren't such a handful to take care of on my own, I would have seriously contemplated changing the locks on him!  It's a good thing he is cute, pays the bills and cooks for us!

This month, we went on lots of walks, did lots of christmas shopping and learned that you had a great set of lungs!  The books weren't kidding when they said crying peaks at 6 weeks.  I'm glad that you are letting us know that you need something and that you aren't passive about it.  I read the happiest baby on the block and within the first 10 pages, I can say you were most certainly the happiest baby in parkside.  I got you to go from 1-2 hours of crying/day to at most 15 minutes.  You can get mad at me later for not reading the book sooner.  I didn't realize you needed to be swaddled to sleep at night and to have lots and lots of white noise to help you sleep.  You cried because we were overstimulating you.  At least we learned and now we are a happy house.  Bailey is so grateful not to be sleep deprived anymore that he is finally showing me some affection again.  Once I learned more about you, it was wonderful to be able to truly enjoy every bit of you.  I'm sure you love me more too!

Here are some of the fun things we did!
We broke out all your cute Christmas outfits!

 We got you into your bumbo for the first time!

Lots of walks all bundled up!
Tried out the boppy for tummy time.  You love it!
Started forcing you into a carrier.  Everything I try you hate, but I will win this battle because you are killing my arms and I want to hold you close!

You still LOVE bath time!

Happy Two month Birthday Sammy!  12.11.11


Jessica Middleton said...

He has the sweetest smile! What a cutie! You look amazing, Mimi!

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