Monday, January 23, 2012

Frugalicious Splurging aka Opportunity Costs

I wrote this post back in mid October and left it as a draft without posting!  D'oh!

So it is time for my quarterly posting ;)

This is a quick catch up because I've been busy with this guy:

Before Sammy came I was in high speed nesting mode.  In fact since I sort of caught the nesting bug a bit late, it carried into my first two weeks post partum big time.  I purged through the whole kitchen my closest, the garage.  It was GREAT!  I hadn't had a house so cleaned since our condo living days when there were only a few rooms and 1,000 sq ft to clean.

My biggest nesting endeavor was finally giving in to my desire for a sectional couch.  Ever since we moved into our home in 2006 I've wanted one.  Originally it was for our basement, but then I realized our family room would be much improved with a nice chocolate aka bailey colored sectional.  So, in case anyone missed marketing 101, my want became a need with operation prep house for Sammy.  I knew it would be great for all the guests that would be filtering in and out of the house looking for a place to sit while admiring our new bundle of cuteness.  It would also be nice for me to be able to comfortably hang out on on main level during the day.

Here are the before and afters of the family room.  I'm looking to change the paint color in the family room/kitchen, any suggestions?  I was aiming towards the blue/grey family:
A very early before, no curtains, rug etc:


What have you changed to get ready for a new addition in the family?


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