Saturday, January 21, 2012

Breastfeeding must haves: $Free.99, hot and fresh all the time

I just survived my first day back at work.  I say survive because honestly it felt like I was dying.  The emotional turmoil of having to go back was worse than what it felt like when we couldn't conceive, worst than the two miscarriages and worse than the physical agony of morning sickness and aches and pains of the last month of pregnancy.  I did survive though and it was nice to see my coworkers and see their smile when they saw me and listen to them tell me they were happy I was back and that they missed me.  I missed them too, but really, I missed my baby a LOT more and it had only been an hour since I'd last seen him, not 14 weeks like I hadn't seen my coworkers.

I wasn't surprised when by lunch I caught my first ounce of shit talking about breastfeeding.  Of course it came from a man, who happens to be a father.  He unsolicited decided to tell me to give it up, because really the benefits are really only there for the first 3 months.  REALLY?!  OMG you idiot.  I'm all for mothers doing whatever works best for them, but for this mamma and her baby exclusively breastfeeding is one of the main reasons I don't want to be at work! Beside the amazing health benefits for baby and mom, if my milk is $Free.99, hot and fresh all the time, why would this frugalicious mama not EBF?

These three things are must for any pumping mamas:
1) A good pump.  
I was going to get the Ameda truly yours because it has a closed system (less chance of bacteria), however my sister already had the medela pump in style.   Frugalicously I accepted her donation

One of my male coworkers (hehe) bought this for me.  He was slightly embarrassed about the purchase but his wife insisted it was one of the last few musts purchase items left on my registry.  She was definitely right.  I have used this every single time I've pumped which is almost every day since Sam was 6 weeks old and sleeping thru the night.  My boobs loved to sleep, however when I woke up, I was leaking, in pain and worried about my supply.  So, off to start my stash I was.  I was also scared if I got sick or there was an emergency or if knock on wood my supply dried up that I wouldn't have any breast milk for him.  I now have hundreds of frozen ounces of breast milk for my Sammy.  With this bra I've been able to read books, eat, pretty much do whatever I want.  I did forget that I still had it on with my bloused unbuttoned after my first work pumping session on Tuesday morning.  Thank you GOD that no one saw me and that I realized this just as I was about to leave the nursing room.  Can you imagine?!

3) An IPhone!  
Pumping at work has been so much easier because I can look at pictures or videos of Sammy, check out the Oct 11 baby facebook page, catch up on work and personal email and pretty much do anything.  I absolutely love my phone and it was the best push present EVER!  Siri is a bit annoying, but now that I can talk my text messages my friends may have noticed that I actually text.

What are your favorite things for breastfeeding?


Elise said...

I could have totally written this post! I use all three while of these things while I'm pumping at work. I love that a male co-worker got it for you, but it's definitely a must have! However I just put slits in an old bra for mine.

And I'm sorry you have to deal with that crap from your co-workers. Hopefully it doesn't go on for too long.

Mimi said...

Elise, what a great idea to cut slits in y our old bras. Mine don't fit anymore and I doubt they will when I'm done BF so I might just give it a try!

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