Sunday, January 22, 2012

Three Months with Sammy

Well, Sammy...what can I say about how amazing you are?  I keep thinking about how the author of baby 411 described the intensity of her love for her babies.  She said she loved them so much, she wanted to eat them!  I thought that was a bit much, but now I find myself singing to you " I love you so much, much, much, I could just munch munch munch".  So far you find it funny, but once you really understand what I'm thinking I'm pretty sure you are going to run, fast!  Haha, I think I might have too little adult interaction on my hands, but that is really how I feel.  Last night when I put you to bed in your room, I even told Daddy that now that you were here and I knew you, that I wish I could put you back in my belly so you could be that close to me again.  I loved you when I was pregnant with you, but nothing even close to how much I love you now.  I really underestimated how much I could love someone.  Truly it is such a wonderful thing.

This month there were a lot of firsts.
You went on your first awake trip out of the house to Wegmans!  You even tolerated being in the Ergo.  I'm working on you loving that thing because a) it was expensive even though I got it 50% off thru and I need you to let me have my hands free!

You were awake when we left and asleep when we got back.  So since you were sleeping I left the groceries at the house, grabbed Bailey and took you for a walk  in the carrier up to fairfax corner.  Next time I'll remember about Body Heat and not bundle us both up.  I'm glad I didn't kill you from overheating.  Mommy Fail.

We celebrated:
Your mommy's birthday for the first time.  Remind me next time to put on makeup, k?!
As an added bonus to the awesome diamond earrings you and Daddy truly surprised me with for my birthday and belated push present, you decided for the first time in your whole life to sleep 8 hours in a row at night!  WOW that was freaking amazing.

One year of your Daddy being cancer free!!!

We went on a LONG walk, and then you decided to stay asleep so we dressed up and went for a nice lunch at Ozzie's.  I hadn't been there since the weekend before you were born.  You loved that place and their burger and meatball sliders when you were in my belly!  In fact, it was the first place I ever felt you kick me in response to food.  That is when I knew you were a boy.  You loved your Daddy's favorite foods: burgers and pizza.
 Your first Italian Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  You got to see your cousins again for the second time.  The last time you were just born so not much action going on from your part.
The best present under the tree!

You're starting to move your head so much it's hard to get a good picture of us!
You (2.5 mo) and your Cousin William (6 mo). 

Your first Christmas Morning:

Your first New Years Day:

New Years Eve you spent in your crib and I spent it in bed sleeping!  Daddy had to go to our friends wedding by himself since we were without a baby sitter.  Oh well, I love that we had a little party in your crib!

You fit into your halloween costume finally!  They should have said 3 months, not 0-3 months to mislead silly new mommy's like me.
You're getting your game face on for when you have to lay down the law one day in the office:

You really started to love toys.  I'm so excited about this.  It is so awesome watching you be excited.  Checkbook has switched from cute clothes to cute toys.  I've managed to reign myself in, so we are still frugalicious and buying only what you need.

You started to teeth!  Fortunately my former boss gave you Sophie the giraffe and you love to drool all over that thing.  I'm a little worried about the teething so early, since I think now it effecting your sleep and making you more congested from all the drool.  Ugh! Please don't let the 4 month sleep regression visit us at this house!

You have gotten awesome at tummy time.  Your head control is amazing, you can sit up so well now.  You are really becoming a little man.  You also are finally taking an interest to what I have a feeling will be your best friend, Bailey.

You had a few sad firsts too.  You fell on my watch and hit your head REALLY hard.  I am so glad God loves you so much and protected you from very serious harm.  I know he has a plan for you one day.  I was so incredibly scared and upset and angry at myself for not being more careful with you.  I hope I can forget the sound of that cry and the sight of you on the floor.  My poor baby, I'm so sorry.  I now even more so understand Hanna's prayer in the bible.  When she sobbed from the deepest part of her soul for her baby and the people at the temple thought she was drunk.  I know that is how I cried.  I know because I woke you up with my cries when you were in my arms and you looked at me and started to belly laugh.  Yes, I don't know why you thought my deep grief was funny, but you belly laughed for the first time that night.  God I guess was telling me you were ok.

When I took you to the pediatrician the next morning, she confirmed what I had prayed for.  That you were a resilient little boy, who is going to be ok.  She however did tell us that you were coming down with your first cold.

One week later, I can say you are finally on the mend from your first fall and first cold.  Praise God.

Here is to another wonderful month with you my little boy.  I pray everyday, that God continues to lend you, his beautiful child, to me for a very, very, very long time.  What a beautiful gift you are Sammy.

Things loved this month:
Nose Frida.  A must with any sick baby
Sophie the Giraffe
Fisher Price sea horse
Infantino twist and fold playmat


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