Monday, January 23, 2012

Paul Loves Yankee Candle

Another post I forgot to publish from September!

No, Paul will not be losing his man card, he just happens to really like candles.  I think he gets it from his Mom.  Not really a bad trait.  Paul's favorites are yankee candles and while they can have the impression of being expensive, we generally get the awesome deals from their regular non outlet stores.  They always have $10 off of $25 coupons if you google for them, like I mentioned in this post.  We normally combine that coupon with whatever sale they are having and walk out spending less than $20 for tons of loot.  This past summer we hit up their semi annual sale.  I meant to mention it during my frugalicious nesting post, but I guess since this was more me going to the mall for Paul and his love for candles its slipped my mind that we got close to $300 worth of yankee candle goodness for about $20.

During their semi annual sale they sold us 3 awesome runners for $5.  Each were normally priced at $40.  Savings of $115 (winning!).  Then we got a bunch of prizes from the games at my baby shower $3 for $10 normally they were $15 a piece, savings of $35 and then some pretty glass candle holders for fall $2 for 5 normally $10 each savings of $15, 5 hand sanitizers for $5 normally $4 each savings of $15 and then my husbands all time favorite autumn leaves medium jar for $10, regularly $22 (he burns this all year long...don't ask).  Combine all of that with the $10 off of $25 savings and yankee candle you have just bestilled my heart. 


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