Friday, February 24, 2012

Four Months with Sammy

Wow!  I can't believe you are four months old Sammy!  You are really awesome.  You're in this quintessential perfect baby stage, where your constant smile is all gummy and you are giggly and just pure love.  How amazing to be your mom and watch you grow into your personality.  Developmentally you've had tons of changes.  You can sit and stand with assistance, really do some mad pushup during tummy time, grab at things, you put absolutely EVERYTHING into your mouth.  You are super interested in what we are eating and best of all, you are starting to interact with all of us (including the pets) so much.  It is awesome.  I'm glad I stopped you before your interacting with Bailey almost ended with you putting his tail in your mouth.  I can only imagine that ending badly for all parties involved.

So, some more ch ch ch changes this month include best of all that you, me, Bailey and the cats get to kick it all day while Daddy goes to work to take care of us!  Don't worry. we don't just sit around riding the gravy boat.  We go for lots of walks, run errands and play on your activity mat, in your jumperoo, read, nap and somewhere in there I try to cleanup and cook some too.  We do the things babies and mommies do and I love it.  I wouldn't trade this time for my salary and job back for anything.

We had a lot of fun things happen this month, you became great at liking your pacifier and being able to grab it.  That is great, except when you pull it out at night and get frustrated.  Trust me, it's more frustrating for me!  I'm looking forward to you learning the next step: putting it back in!  By that point it will be time to teach you not to like your pacifier, but I digress.

We celebrated superbowl (well you went to bed) Daddy pretty much watched it on his own, while I sorta watched the commercials.   This also was an awesome celebration for us.  One year ago superbowl weekend we found out we were having you!

Here is my two favorite commercials.  When you are wiggling while I changed your diaper I think of the M&M and crack up.

M&M Sexy and I know it
Volkswagon dog strikes back

 Your first time being annoyed with mommy!
You went in your jumperoo for the first time and loved it!
You semi rolled for the first time.  Just in time for me to see it when I got home from work
You fell in love with this awesome gift: Twinkle Twinkle Elmo soft cover book.  When I opened the gift I knew you would both read it and eat it.  I know you so well ;)

 You went to your first party, your friend Natalia's first birthday on your four month birthday!

There are some things we need to work on Mr.  This month has been rough sleep wise; mommy going back to work threw us all for a loop (fortunately for you, that means there isn't much finger pointing in your direction in relation to your sleep regression, I kidd I kidd).  It was pretty easy to ascertain the connection between my transition back to work and your transition with different caretakers to your sleep regression.  You're so far off your routine, I've pretty much given up and have just started from scratch.  You no longer just easily go down drowsy but awake at night, which is unfortunate.  We loved knowing it was 8 pm and our work for the next 6-8 hours was done.  I've learned to predict the unpredictable and just go with the flow instead of thinking it's x time you are usually sleeping now, WTF!  So now, if it's been 90 or so minutes I'm sure you are due for a nap.  I'm sure now that I wrote that down tomorrow it won't be true and I'll be left scratching my head again.

The pediatrician told me at your 4 month appointment that you're taking advantage of me at night and although you act like it, you don't really need to eat.  She obviously hasn't seen your new trick of throwing your arms down with as much vigor as possible to get your point across that you are not happy with the current situation and would like it changed.  So, we'll have to see if next month, I've wizened up and caught on to your little nighttime bout with narcissism with my own solution that doesn't include you waking up long enough to eat and fall back asleep in my arms rendering me stuck in a rocking chair without padded arms (note to self, get this fixed ASAP).

Sometimes you wake up happy from a nap, here is proof:

You've got us wrapped around your little finger.  Case in point, we seem to be taking a lot of naps together.  Which is fine for now, because I know there will come a point when you don't even want to hug us.


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