Friday, February 24, 2012

Never say never

So, Never say never may become my new mantra.

Never did I think when I was decorating Sammy's nursery last summer that in desperation it would end up looking like this:
 This was the before:

The funny part about this new decorating style (who will be the first to pin this?) is that when I was searching for what to put up there that was dark enough I came across the prayer quilt that was made for Paul by the ladies at his Mom's church when he was diagnosed with cancer last year.  I grabbed it thinking this is perfect, it has been heavily prayed over, made with love, Sam is an extension of Paul and God knows after 1.5 hours of trying to get his son down to sleep, I really need an answered prayer.  Yes, you read it right, yesterday after I spent 1.5 hours trying to get him to take his 1.5 long nap this make shift comfortor contraption is what I came up with.  5 minutes later he was alseep.  Every nap since then has been a going down success.  Length of the nap, not so much.  At this point, I'll take what I can get.

His blackout curtain can't get here soon enough.  I searched everywhere for one, and the cheapest was pottery barn kids if you can believe it.  I had to order it online, so it better fit!  If not, I'm going to end up having to teach myself how to sew.  This little guy has gone from being able to sleep through his loud and sunny welcome home party to only being able to sleep in a cave with white noise pumping.  Ay yi yi.


Jessica Middleton said...

I got Mason's and Brock's at Target. $15.99 each panel. I have def had that same decorating style with Elena :)

Anonymous said...

Mimi, had to chuckle, but I can only imagine how you felt after 1.5 hours! I am sure I will be going through similar things one day and you can chuckle right back with me! :) Amy B.

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