Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where to shop: baby edition

Fortunately, the bulk of our new baby purchases are behind us and now we are into the everyday items such as diapers, wipes and bath products.

When we were getting ready for Sam's arrival and in the first month or two following his birth we, meaning me, did a significant amount of baby purchasing.  A lot of it I did on amazon since that is where we registered and there were items left that we needed.  I highly recommend buying baby products from them and registering with them.  It was awesome as was the free prime shipping for being an amazon mom.

The fun stuff: 
Books and toys: Amazon, Homegoods, TJMaxx, Marshalls. 
Amazon prices really can only be beat once in a while.  They have great reviews and a massive selection.  Customer service is also awesome. Really the only downside I see is that you aren't shopping local.  But none of the places I'm listing in this post are local, so touche to that thought.

Tjmaxx can beat almost everyones prices for baby things.  For example, I found this awesome serena and lily sling retail $125, TJmaxx price $25! Excuse the messy bedroom and my overall gross appearance.  A girl can only do so much!

A lot of the items left on my registry were related to feeding Sam when he was older.  For example oxo tot has awesome stuff for kids food as does Boon and skip hop.  One day I went into homegoods and they had everything I registered for!  I was in heaven!  Hopefully in a few months we'll see if Sam cares as much as I do about all of his cute tableware!  They also have a ton of petunia pickle bottom stuff (again more for girls) but still fun to see their super nice stroller blankets and slings there for $20.

Clothes: Children's Place, Carters, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Costco.  The fun places like Gap for the most part only have cute stuff for girls which pisses me off to no end. The stuff for boys might still be cute, but really, the girl stuff is SO much cuter that the boy stuff pales in comparison deeming it unworthy of purchase, especially because its pricey.  Seriously, you can only have so many monkey, baseball, and cute like Dad shirts.

Blankets and accessories: Pottery Barn kids, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Homegoods.  Everyone thinks Pottery Barn Kids is sooo expensive, but honestly for baby things which generally are marked up everywhere they are the exact same price, sometimes cheaper and it comes with great quality as well as superior customer service in case something goes wrong. 

For the basics:
Buybuybaby: They have THE best customer service.  They know what they are talking about, are friendly and the store has way more than you could ever need.  When you use the 20% off coupons, the prices are right on par with target.  I don't shop at their competitor, babies r us anymore.  I really can't stand the people in there and I can never find what I'm looking for.  Neither of the two stores are close to our home, but it's totally worth the longer drive to go to buybuybaby.  I ordered from them back in September when my niece came to visit.  I've always thought it would be easier to have diapers at your end location vs having to bring them with you.  So, to help my sister I ordered Sam his first case of diapers which he shared with his cousin.  They have a wonderful program that is $10 off your first case, plus $5 off every case after that.  They also have ecoupons that give you between 1 and 2 off a case.  So yes, you can get up to $17 off your first case of diapers!  Wonderful way for them to reel you in.  My favorite thing about is their customer service.  I've had to call in several times with questions and they have been so helpful.  One time when I called, the customer service rep pointed out that buying the multiple smaller packs of diapers vs the big jumbo pack was actually cheaper.  Sorta slipped my mommy brain to always divide the full price of the case by the amount of diapers in the pack to see which pack has the cheapest cost/diaper. 

Once I started figuring out the unit price, I realized target was just as cheap if not cheaper than  I've been buying 180 diapers for $35 (.19/diaper).  So, once you and child are mobile again, the convenience of ordering online isn't always worth it.  This brings me to my least favorite thing about the website: they just have way too much stuff and it is overwhelming.  While I like that in a few clicks and a day diapers come to your door, you get sucked into looking at the clothes, then onto their other linked websites,,, and then they have all these stupid coupon codes you have to apply for soap, and clothes and blah blah blah.  Then if you are sleep deprived you forget, which means you have to call to get your $2 back and it is just not easier than putting your baby in the car and going out and having fun at target.  Also, I hate that every day there is a different sale meaning you could either get totally screwed or luck out.  I think Jcpenny has a lot of consumers about to flock to them to stop this hysteria of constantly changing prices.

I still have 6 brand new bum genius diapers screaming at me to be used, but so far it has been so easy using disposables because I know when Sam is wet that I just don't feel like making the switch.  Once we are into size 3's and that clever little blue stripe is not available,  I might make the switch.  By the way, I think that little blue line is a ploy by pampers to trick new parents into changing their new babies diapers too often.  We wizened up after about the thousandth change.

Hope this helps!  Where do you like to shop for baby/kid purchases?


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